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“This webinar will cover a number of techniques to help you become more proficient when routing your PCBs. We’ll discuss Rule-By-Area “Schemes” and how they help with fan-out and routing of difficult components like BGAs, SOICs and Connectors. We will show how to fan-out devices quickly, and how to move them once the fan-out is complete. This webinar will also teach methods for routing traces and vias through very tight areas of the design and the rules involved in Constraint Manager to making your routing successful. Finally, we will show how to use the Sketch Router to quickly complete routing, including via patterns.”

Here’s what you will learn:

Understand “Schemes” and how to set them up for controlling routing areas in the design

Learn placement techniques with fan-outs available for moving components

Route and Sketch traces quickly with time-saving methodologies and “Tips & Tricks”

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