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Downstream Technologies järjestää Expertly manage your PCB documentation-webinaarin 28.4.2021. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin täällä.

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PCB Documentation – With the 6.5 release of BluePrint, we now can document Flex and Rigid-Flex designs.

This Webinar will introduce the user to the tools in BluePrint that allow for flex and Rigid-Flex designs to be documented easily and accurately. This includes the support for multiple material Stack-ups, Definition of dielectrics, and cores in both the rigid and flex sections of the design. The ability to exchange these stack-ups between design and fab, using ours and other software. Create documentation that shows each Stack-up zone, and the materials included in each zone.

In addition to these new features, we will also show and discuss BluePrint documentation for rigid PCBs.