Product categories

PCB design


PADS Professional is a professional-level PCB software that includes comprehensive design tools, simulators and several additional options, such as the RF option. PADS Professional Premium is available for an annual rental fee and includes everything you need, including SaaS services Connect, PartQuest Portal and Supply Chain.

PADS Standard
Plus Suite

PADS Standard Plus Suite is a PCB software suite that includes PADS Logic and PADS Designer circuit diagram software. It includes support for differential pairs and high speed signals, HyperLynx Signal Integrity and Thermal simulators, 3D view, Integrated Flow feature, DRC verification and STEP import/export. PADS Designer also includes Databook database connectivity and Variant Manager.


Xpedition Enterprise is the best solution for designing difficult circuit boards that require multiple designers. Xpedition supports simultaneous design of circuit diagrams and layouts, allowing multiple designers to work on the same circuit board at the same time. In addition, it supports high-speed signal and bus wiring by rule, micro vias, embedded components, flex-rigid technology and multiboard support.

Analysis and Verification


HyperLynx is a versatile software package for simulating and designing printed circuit boards. It provides easy-to-use tools to help designers optimise PCB performance and avoid errors.


ModelSim is a reliable and powerful simulator that has gained a reputation as a reference tool. Compared to OEM versions from chip suppliers, the original ModelSim offers vendor independence and good performance even with large amounts of code. The Plus version supports VHDL/Verilog simulation.


Questa is a verification environment provided by Siemens to improve productivity in code development and testing. It integrates several tools such as CDC verification, formal verification and mixed-simulation. You can plan, monitor and measure the progress of your testing to help you stay on schedule.

PCB manufacturing


CAM350 is a software for circuit board manufacturing and design. It is used for verification and pattern transfer in manufacturing, PCB construction in production and verification in design. CAM350's Reverse Engineering module allows the construction of a circuit board file from Gerber files and its return to CAD systems.


Traditionally, PCB documentation was done with CAD software, but today BluePrint software can efficiently produce assembly and test documentation. With BluePrint, the document base is built in advance and then the PCB file automatically populates the document. Views and texts can be edited and the level of automation can be increased by scripts. Gerber, Excellon, IPC-2581 or ODB++ files are still printed in the PCB manufacturing documentation.


Assemby Array Wizard

Automatic loading requires optical alignment markers and space for pull tabs on the edges of the card. The card is assembled as a loading file, as there is usually not enough space on the PCB. Dozens of cards are produced with small cards, only one with large cards. When outsourcing, the subcontractor can assemble the blank and optimise it for his own process. CAM350 and BluePrint software are used to create the blanks.


PowerAccess is a database-driven tool that extends the library management and reporting functionality of PADS. It has been developed in collaboration with users to meet growing integration needs.


DxDBTweaker is a utility that facilitates the maintenance of the Databook database (MsAccess).