An efficient tool for PCB documentation.

With Blueprint-PCB, you can create comprehensive documentation for your circuit board, maintain and update it throughout the product’s lifecycle without making changes to the original PCB file.

Document templates enable almost complete automation of the work; you just need to import the CAD file.

Versatile Compatibility

Blueprint-PCB supports multiple CAD systems, including PADS, CADSTAR, OrCAD, and Altium, providing flexibility and extensive compatibility.

Comprehensive Tools

Whether it’s 3D visualization, parts list management, or importing and exporting in different formats, Blueprint-PCB includes everything you need.


Create custom drawing templates, automate processes, and integrate with other systems using the wide range of tools available in Blueprint-PCB.

Blueprint-PCB: Powerful Tool for PCB Design


Blueprint-PCB is like a maestro leading the orchestra. It takes every note, every instrument, and creates a harmonious symphony that resonates with perfection. In this symphony, the notes are the design details, and the instruments are the versatile tools of Blueprint-PCB.

Versatile Compatibility: Think of Blueprint-PCB as a universal translator. It speaks the language of multiple CAD systems, including PADS, CADSTAR, OrCAD, and Altium. This means you can import, edit, and export your designs without limitations.

3D Visualization: Blueprint-PCB takes you on a journey into the world of the third dimension. Its 3D visualization tools not only show you what your design looks like but also allow you to experience it. You can rotate, zoom in, and inspect every detail, as if you were physically present.

Customization and Automation: Wouldn’t it be great if you could tailor your tools exactly the way you want them? Blueprint-PCB gives you that power. Create custom drawing templates, automate repetitive tasks, and make your design process smoother than ever before.

Integrated Workflow: Blueprint-PCB is like the conductor of an orchestra, ensuring that every part works together in harmony. It seamlessly integrates with other systems, such as CAM350, ensuring that your design smoothly transitions to manufacturing and production.


Frequently Asked Questions

Blueprint-PCB supports several popular CAD systems, including PADS, CADSTAR, OrCAD, and Altium.

Yes, Blueprint-PCB supports the import of 3D STEP files.

Yes, Blueprint-PCB includes the Assembly Drawing Tool Kit, which allows for the creation of assembly-centric PCB views, parts lists, and component lists.

Yes, with the Template Customization Tool Kit, you can create custom drawing templates.

Yes, the Automation Tool Kit enables automation of Blueprint-PCB using Visual Basic or other scripting tools.

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