PADS Professional VX.2.8 and PADS VX.2.8 are out now and available for download in support center!

PADS Professional has received many improvements. The most significant of these are e.g.

  • PADS Pro Designer
    • improved user experience
      • Online drawing – click on the left to start, double click to finish – no longer need to keep the mouse on the bottom during the drawing!
      • Easy to absorb
      • Alignment markers are automatically displayed by default
    • Improved support for variants
    • Consistent part place & replace function
    • Clearance specifications for differential couples and 3D components
    • Improve usability
    • Improved support for compiling PADS Netlist and Altium libraries
  • PADS Professional Layout
    • Custom via pads and multi-hole vias
    • Differential pairs
    • Support for many rule areas in sketch routing
    • McAD Collaborator Improvement

More information about Release Highlights here: PADS Professional VX.2.8 Release Highlights

In PADS Standard Suite and PADS Standard Plus Suite, the most significant improvements have come to PADS Designer and are essentially the same as in the DESIGNER section of PADS Professional.