PADS and CAM350 software

since 1990


DS-Design Systems Oy has been an importer of PADS software since 1990. Our customers include most of the electronics product development companies in Finland and the Baltics.

In addition to training and consulting services, we have published three editions of the Circuit Board Design Guide (Finnish, English).

The close collaboration with DS-Design and PADS software, which began in the 1980s, has been very satisfying. Every now and then, we've had problems with software functionality or computer system compatibility and asked DS-Design for help. The response has been immediate and above expectations, even on weekends and in the early hours of the morning. I hold their service in high regard.

Pekka Strömmer
Managing Director
Begmer Ltd.

I want to recommend Design Systems Oy for everybody who needs good support for EDA tools. I know I can always ask for help in PADS, CAM350 and especially Power Access which is own DS application. Nice to me that social media Power Access builds are just for my request when I have found any problems in software. Many thanks I can always rely on You!

Maciej Olech
PCB Design Engineer
VECTOR Technologies
Gdynia, POLAND




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